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The foliage may become yellow and drop off leaving a sticky honeydew remains. The honeydew is actually aphid excrement and looks unattractive, attracts ants and encourages the growth of sooty mould. Ants may be visible on the affected area.

Some species of ants “farm” aphids, protecting them on the plant they eat, and eating the honeydew that the aphids produce.


Aphids are unmistakable pests found around the growing tips of plants and the underside of leaves. They suck the sap from young plants, leaving the growth distorted and stunted.

They are upto 5mm(¼in) long either wingless or winged. They can be green, yellow, brown, pink, grey or black. The woolly beech aphid is covered in fluffy white wax.

Aphids may transmit viruses.


Apply a tar oil wash in winter against aphid eggs on deciduous fruit trees and bushes.

Organic Control

  • rub/squeeze them between your fingers to kill them
  • Spray with a strong jet of water
  • Spray with a weak solution of washing up liquid

Biological Control

None known.

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